Monday, January 25, 2016

When I Went to the German Festival

I went to the German Festival

I loved it I got to where a chicken hat.
Don,t ask .
Anyway I liked it.
It was A lot of fun
but I loved it.

I ate a salid and I got to dance.
And I think I ate a sosheg that looks like
liver a lot.

It was So weird looking.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

My Science Fair Project

For my science fair project I asked "what makes things explode" I like to watch explosions and I wanted to know how you can make something explode.

My mom and my dad and my grandpa helped me make some things explode. I got to put the mentos in the coke but it almost exploded on my head. I had to stay inside for the sodium part. Grandpa did that part.

My mom helped me make a slide show for my science fair class. [ See Slide Show ]

My dad helped film 2 videos to put on youtube. Now I am going to have lots of fans! 

When I Grow Up

I will have three kids. I will let them out of my tummy. I will name them Eve, Don, and Jack. I will love them and snuggl them and some more when I grow up. I want to own a place to make and sell ice cream. My kids will come with me and do school. They will go to bed wen I say so I will tell them a story every night.

I Miss My Daddy

I miss my daddy
I miss him a lot
He's going away 
But I am not

I miss my daddy
I miss him a lot
He's on a work trip
But I am not
I miss my daddy
I miss him a lot
Baby dragon is with him
But I am not
I miss my daddy
I miss him a lot
But he's coming back
In not too long.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

What You See Outside

What You See Outside

Snow  snow and snow
And snow.
Just snow and snow.
Pretty much snow.

Snowman  snowfackes.

And snowballs.

I like the snow but I can't wait for spring so I can do swimming lessons, and play on my slide.

All About Me

All About Me

I love my cat and family  I love art  i love  sonic and i love science.
I have a slide in my bedroom it is so cool I am sonics frist fan ever.
I love my frends and cusens.

And my toys and to be fun.